Richard Davis, MD

I am an overeducated, overachieving workaholic physician, engineer, inventor and entrepreneur but am still considered young for my 61 years.  I am the CEO of a virtual start-up biotech company – so I am super busy and probably best described as an intermittent exerciser in just ok physical shape (5/10).  I sit at my computer all day and talk on the phone most of the time, but I will occasionally carve out the time to ride my racing trike (40 miles on the Pinellas County Trail), take a brisk walk on the beach (5 miles), steal a day to play golf (3 – 4 times a year) or engage in other outdoor activities.  I really hate being inside, since I spend all my time indoors – so working out in gyms is just not appealing and I can’t stick with it.  Yoga bores me to death and scheduling any kind of physical routine on a regular basis is simply out of the question with my hectic spontaneous lifestyle; but the Wellosophy360 Functional Movement Studio has changed all that.  This is a completely different experience.  I can actually feel amazing results after a single 60 or 90 minute session in the circuit training offered here.

The BodyWorx360 routines are amazing and Lior is an incredible trainer.  The studio’s European-designed equipment is unlike anything I have ever seen or used before.  Biomechanically it makes total sense.  It really is zero-impact and feels like I am moving in water without resistance or stress.  The whole-body stretching and fluid spiraling motions really warm up my muscles, loosen up my joints, and feels like an “internal body massage.”  It’s hard to beat the reliable sensation of just “feeling great” that is typical of my results.  I am not trying to rehab an injury, or work on peak performance; I just want to feel better, sleep better and move easier.  Wellosophy 360 does that for me.

I was so impressed with the technology that after a few sessions I was hooked.  I asked Lior if I could join her team and work with her – so I became the Studio’s Medical Director; and I am loving every minute of it.  It was a fantastic decision both personally and professionally – and the opportunity to really be able to help people with their movement issues is extremely rewarding.  Everyone leaves happy; with a big smile, walking taller, with less pain and looking forward to coming back again for their next session.  That pretty much says it all!