Please print the Liability Release Form, fill out all of the required information, sign, and bring it with you for your first session.

BodyWorx360 routines are practiced without shoes using yoga socks.

  • For comfort and hygiene reasons we ask that you bring Yoga socks (with traction), to your training session.   You may also purchase them at our studio.
  • Please wear comfortable athletic wear which will allow you to move comfortably.  For women with long hair, please make certain you are able to pull it up and out of the way.
  • For men, we recommend long sweat pants or tight short/bike pants and a gym shirt.

For the consideration of others, please refrain from using any perfumes while attending our clinic.

24-hour Cancellation Window
We require a 24-hour cancellation for all appointments and classes.  Late cancellations will be charged full price.  To cancel, contact the teacher directly via email, cellphone, or text:

Appointment Duration, Early Arrival, Late Arrival

  • Expect 55 minutes for one hour appointments, and 85 minutes for 90 minute appointments.
  • If late, we do not extend appointments.
  • If early, lessons begin at the regularly scheduled time.  In the case of early arrivals, please do not disrupt lessons currently underway or teachers who may be working at the desk.  Unless you have specific permission to use equipment, please wait on the bench until your instructor is ready

Package Expirations, Refunds and Extensions:

  • All packages expire within a specific timeframe.  For example, all 10-session packages expire within 2 months, and 20-session packages expire within 4 months.

Drop-in Classes Vs Registration

  • Drop-in students pay the drop-in rate, rather than the discounted group rate.  Drop-in students are not notified if the class is cancelled, since they are not signed up for the class.  Space is limited, registration is strongly encouraged.

Cell Phones

Please quiet your cell phone


Please use soft studio voices while in the studio: speak quietly at all times

Wellness and Injuries

Keep your instructor aware of how you feel and of any physical changes you may be experiencing

Studio Cancellations

If we have to cancel due to instructor illness, studio emergency or inclement weather, packages will be adjusted accordingly and sessions will be rescheduled as appropriate.

Private and semi-private lessons are cancelled at the discretion of the instructor and student.