Our Founder


Lior has devoted her life to the practice of a healthy lifestyle.
Her athletic journey began at a very early age in Europe, where she dedicated over 10 years to the art of dance – from ballet to Ballroom. In addition, Lior has been an avid long distance cyclist, downhill skier, Stand-Up Paddle boarder, tennis and racquet ball player, Yoga practitioner, and even a fencing enthusiast.
She is an ardent supporter of the organic, Non-GMO, whole, and plant based food choices and a gourmet Vegan Chef with a focus on International Fusion cuisine.
Her culinary passions, fitness enthusiasm, and holistic wellness advocacy have landed her roles as a guest speaker on radio shows, lifestyle blogger, as well as a cooking, fitness, and Wellness coach at seminars around the globe.

In addition, Lior, is an attorney by training. Her eclectic interests have provided her with an opportunity to live and work in many different countries around the world. Her varied background ranges from serving in military intelligence, to a career in the fashion industry as a former international model. Today, Lior serves as the Chairman and CEO of Wellosophy Group – a global biotechnology company, as well as the founder of Wellosophy 360 Clinic which she founded after her life was drastically changed in an automobile accident which almost left her a quadriplegic.
Wellosophy 360 is a one of a kind premier wellness and fitness facility located in Clearwater Beach FL.  In addition to working with elite athletes to maximize their sports performance, Wellosophy 360’s main focus is on educating regular clients about sustainable strategies involving nutrition, healthy food choices, weight management, and impact-free, integrative, functional and restorative fitness methodology- BodyWorx360.


Lior’s Personal Wellosophy 360 Experience

After a catastrophic automobile accident, debilitating multiple spinal injuries, two major back surgeries, and lengthy and unsuccessful attempts to restore her own health and quality of life, Lior was more determined than ever to find a sensible and sustainable way to reclaim and maintain pain-free and active lifestyle.

Lior developed a unique, integrative, gentle, and impact free approach to restorative fitness – BodyWorx360 – with a specific focus on a compromised spine and joints, for clients with injuries and various disabilities.

After only six weeks of BodyWorx360 training, Lior noticed a substantial increase in her own range of motion, as well as a significant level of pain relief.

Her spine felt more mobile, flexible, and she was able to move with greater ease.   While her chronic pain has not completely resolved, it had noticeabley decreased.   Her entire body responded to the restorative movement techniques and she began to enjoy an increased sense of overall well-being and a heightened quality of life.

“Due to this 3D fluid form of spinal exercise,  I am now able to move smoother, have a better poisture, feel stronger, experience less pain, and most importantly, sleep better!

This sensible approach to physical training, combined with a cellular-repair-promoting, Full-spectrum Infrared Sauna, and the essential Deep Wave therapy for muscle spasm relief and facia release , has given me a new lease on life, and made a world of difference in the way I stand, sit, walk and now …dance!

I believe in “paying it forward” and I look forward to sharing this phenomenal approach to fitness and healthy living with others who are interested in achieving a quality lifestyle and reaching their full potential”.