Functional Personal Fitness Training At Its Best!

!cid_CD809D31-A302-4DD5-9BA9-A3E11CFF413AUnlike the static nature of Yoga poses, the linear motions of Pilates, weight training, and many other forms of two-dimensional isolating exercise, the BodyWorx360 (BWX360) routines guide the body’s musculoskeletal system to simultaneously articulate in multiple planes and dimensions – the most comprehensive, integrative , 3D fitness modality.

Rather than create resistance for your body to move against, our BWX360 routines combine the benefits of Yoga, Pilates,, dance, Tai Chi, swimming, cycling, skiing, tennis, golf, impact-free Plyometrics, and gymnastics,  to maximize balance, strength and coordination to let you move fluidly throughout your workout as you engage in continuous rotational, and spiraling movements that smoothly flow from one motion to the next with minimal resistance, and zero impact, allowing each muscle group to extend through its complete range of motion without experiencing fatigue, muscle imbalances or joint stress.

The goal isn’t just to gain strength, and endurance, but also to improve flexibility, range of motion, joint alignment and develop a sense of total body and postural awareness. People with scoliosis, osteoporosis and chronic pain frequently experience very positive effects after engaging in regular BWX360 routines.

Many physicians urge their patients to utilize Functional Fitness Training exercise routines during recovery from injuries and surgery, correct musculoskeletal imbalances, as well as manage chronic pain and inflammation.  Furthermore, countries like Germany and Korea have incorporated hospital-based Functional Fitness facilities to aid in all forms of physical training and trauma recovery.

Wellosophy 360 offers the most comprehensive and  customized personal training programs to all ages, levels, and athletic abilities, from elite athletes, to people with various disabilities.