Fees and Pricing

BodyWorx360 Training Session Pricing

Introductory Private Session
(90 Minute Session, first-time clients to Wellosophy 360 Clinic only). Your first session with a Certified Personal Traine introduces the principles of the BodyWorx360 method and specialized equipment to match your personal health history, lifestyle, interests and objectives. Introductory sessions are taught as private or semi-private sessions.

Private Duo Trio
$250 $175 $120


Comprehensive Whole Body Training
(60 Minute Sessions).  Your subsequent training sessions will progressively layer new movements for a novel whole body experience.

Private Duo Trio
$150 $125 $100


Discounts are available for pre-paid multi-session purchases. 

Packages are limited to a maximum of 20 sessio. 

We do not replace punch-cards, provide extensions or refunds!  

Packages are non-transferable. 

 10 session card expires after 2 months, and 20 session card expires after 4 months from the date of purchase.  

One discount package per client only and cannot be combined with another prepaid discount purchase.   


Comprehensive Whole Body Training Packages

Sessions Private Duo Trio Months Valid
10 $1250 ($125 ea) $1100 ($110 ea) $900 ($90 ea) 2
20 $2000 ($100 ea) $1600 ($80 ea) $1400 ($70 ea) 4
Full Spectrum Infra-Red Sauna Therapy
A single sauna session is priced at $45 per person, and varies in duration based on the pre-selected program (30-45 minutes each).
Heal and Save Card – Prepaid 20 session sauna package card is available for purchase for $800 – that is a $100 savings!
Expires 4 months from the date of purchase.  
DeepWave Therapy 
DeepWave therapy is priced at $40 per single session,  per 10 minute treatment, per body part.