Deliciously Detoxifying Hot Super-Coco Recipe


Sweet Detox with Super-Coco Delight!!!

There is nothing like a hot creamy sweet coco-cinnamon delight for winter mornings!

Couple that with some of the most potent naturally detoxifying and immune boosting substances known to man, and you have a purrrrrfect internal barrier to fight off the winter blues, colds, flu, and harmful bacteria!

Best of all, Super-Coco easy and inexpensive.

For best results, I suggest to prepare it with a plant based milk – my personal favorite is a Flaxseed milk; but you can use the rich flavors of cashew, rice, or coconut milk as well. Since Almonds are now heat treated or fumigated, and the commercial milks contain less than 2% of nuts, for now I would recommend any of the other milks over the almond choice. Stay away from GMO soy milk!

First Step: Chocolate Paste

In a small pot, heat up some filtered water and combine it with an organic coco powder and ground cinnamon: 3 to 1. Add some organic maple syrup to taste and organic cold pressed coconut oil. Stir until it is a smooth creamy paste.

Let it cool and transfer to a glass container.

The paste can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month.

Next, heat up your favorite milk, add a spoonful of coco paste AND a spoonful of Turmeric/Ginger paste – see my recipe for Golden Milk paste below:
For even a creamier and richer version, add some coconut cream and peanut butter!

Now … stir, mix, sip, and enjoy!!!!

To Life!