Detox, Regenerate, & Thrive!!!

The New Year is just around the corner and everyone is making resolutions about their health and wellness.

Keeping yourself mentally and physically fit is essential to good health and being your best self! We all know that getting started with healthier eating habits and new fitness routines, is the toughest part of embracing those new resolutions. However, once you start feeling better and notice the results of your efforts, you become empowered, energetic, happy, and unstoppable.

Our premier facility on Clearwater Beach is designed to help you get started with customized wellness and fitness programs focused on achieving long term sustainable results!

We do not believe in fad diets, or boring high impact, hard-core fitness routines. Our approach to wellness embraces a comprehensive holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle with technologies designed to help with detoxification and cellular regeneration. Our functional and restorative fitness training provides rapid science-based results that are fun and exciting.


One of the most essential and often overlooked aspects of getting and staying healthy is DETOXIFICATION!

At Wellosophy 360, we provide all of the necessary ingredients for a successful detox process, where you will start by activating micro-circulation and lymphatic mobilization on a full body vibration plate, then proceed to eliminating the toxins in our state-of-the-art relaxing Full Spectrum Infra-Red (FSIR) Eucalyptus sauna which incorporates the NEAR IR frequency for deep cellular regeneration, so you get two benefits in one!


Unlike the traditional steam sauna, FSIR eliminates close to 90% of toxins from your fat cells, and does not leave you drained, but rather refreshed, energized, and invigorated!

This comprehensive approach to detoxification integrates the mind and body experience in an entirely new way, by providing a harmonious and balanced way to welcome the New Year with an abundance of vigor, health, and happiness!