Are You Truly …Stuck?!?

I often write about life choices, and lifestyle….however, in order to have choices, or style, we must first have ….life. Unfortunately, although our bodies are truly miraculous in their ability to regenerate; they are also very fragile. And as the old but true adage goes, “tomorrow is promised to no one.”

This notion hit home hard recently when, in a matter of a month, our world experienced the devastating loss of three timeless legends – David Bowie, Allan Rickman, and Prince.

These three untimely and tragic losses were just another poignant reminder that life is really fleeting.

With that in mind, I’d like to remind us all once again, to upgrade our health and wellness habits, and our daily life choices. We need to laugh harder, and love more deeply, in order to make the absolute most of the precious time we have on our beautiful planet.

I often hear people make comments about my dedication to wellness, which by some is perceived as being too restrictive…such as: “why should I try so hard, since we are all going to die anyway.”

Although the inevitable destination is true to all of us, the journey to that destination is a matter of personal choice.

For me, as long as I’m here, I’d like to do my very best, to feel my very best, to have optimal energy to do the things that I love with my family and friends, to be pain free, and be happy! Furthermore, I do not want to rely on toxic band-aid solutions offered to us by Big Pharma to keep myself pain free and mobile. I choose to live a clean, conscious, and compassionate life, and share my love with all living beings and our planet.

That is my personal choice and I hope that through my chosen path I can inspire, enlighten, and share my enthusiasm with a few other individuals to pursue a similar path.

However, and in spite of my dedicated healthy lifestyle, chronic pain is sadly a constant companion due to an automobile accident and its related injuries in 2012.


Nevertheless, there is always some positive in every negative, which is exactly what led me to the study and exploration of injury prevention as well as the treatment and repair of the soft tissues and connective tissues of the body. Especially the fascia, and the process of micro-adhesion formation and its ability to cause disabilities. My goal was to learn how to release these micro-adhesions in order to reduce inflammation, manage pain, and optimize range of motion.


Soft tissues are the muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and collagen fibers that comprise about 70% of our body. The largest connective tissue in the body is the the fascia. Fascia surrounds and envelops not only the muscles, but every muscle fiber, and all of our solid organs and of their individual segments and layers throughout the body.




Breaking Through the Muck Using Movement Therapy

One of, if not the primary enemy to living a pain free life is – inflammation.

Inflammation is often triggered through our sedentary lifestyle, and/or over use of linear, two dimensional and repetitive motions; like sitting at a desk, prolonged static positions, or conventional training methodologies. These stress inducing practices tend to cause the formation of micro-adhesions and develop microscopic scar tissue. These are simply the result of overuse, and musculoskeletal imbalances. When some muscles are underdeveloped, the body forms layers of “glue” in the soft tissue – also known as a scar – for self preservation; which in turn causes an inflammatory response, pain, and limits mobility.


One of the most common misconceptions is that scar tissue is typically the result of some form of trauma. However, although an injury is often the cause, frequently, non use, or overuse can yield similar results. A scar forms as a temporary protective patching mechanism, and is made of collagen.

Since scar tissue does not have a large blood supply, it tends to dry out and constrict motion. When scars fasten to tissues not normally connected, it creates a micro-adhesion, which causes pain, numbness, and limited and restricted range of motion. In addition, adhesions can often choke and bind nerves, I muscles, and tendons – leading to more pain and inflammation in a vicious cycle.


In my Functional Movement practice, I see people of all ages who frequently have significant range of motion issues and related pain, who have never experienced any significant trauma. A clear example of one such problem is a carpel tunnel syndrome – which is caused by a repetitive motion that stresses the wrist, and the body protects itself by building up stronger and thicker scar tissue at the stress point in the wrist joint.

It is also important to remember that even “old injuries” can be quickly rehabilitated with the correct approach and technology. To note a couple of extreme cases – I recently treated a gentleman with two frozen shoulders who had not improved in over 40 long years. I was able to release him and optimize his range of motion in a single session. Similarly, I treated a gentleman with a crushed ankle who had been injured 15 years before. I was able to restore 75% mobility working with him for only 30 minutes.

Our Deep Wave therapy uses a targeted vibrational resonant frequency to penetrate deep into the soft tissue, to quickly and painlessly release tension, increase blood-flow and micro-circulation, and reduce inflammation, and restore range of motion.

This approach followed up with a customized therapeutic 3D functional fitness routine, which mimics movements done in daily life, is an excellent way to keep soft tissue healthy, directly target the fascia, and optimize mobility.

This approach offers a holistic solution for people who experience pain due to various scar/adhesion related conditions as shown below:

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Knee Injuries
Tennis Elbow
Shoulder Problems
Trapped Nerve
Ankle Pain
Muscle Spasms
Back Pain


If you are experiencing persistent pain, please don’t ignore the signals your body is trying to communicate to you. Consult your medical physician to properly diagnose your condition, and advise you of appropriate therapy.

Live Well and Thrive