Hope & Inspiration for 2016

For many, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year, enveloped with hectic shopping, decorating, cleaning, cooking, wrapping, hosting, entertaining, and of course, eating!
For my family, it is time to just… Rest, relax, and regenerate.

Years ago, as the Holiday season was starting to creep up earlier and earlier each year, our tree was getting bigger and bigger by the year, and the number of the unnecessary frivolous gifts we were giving and receiving was getting out of control, we realized that we had fallen victims to the ever growing Christmas industry, or the ChristmasMania as I like to call it.

Since that fateful realization, our family agreed to “stop the insanity” and instead of wasting our precious resources on what we considered as “fluff,” we decided to invest our time and money on… life long memories, and experiences. Each year, instead of getting wrapped into the national consumption, we planned an experience, a trip with our kids, a memory that they could not get tired of or throw away; but rather cherish and remember for the rest of their lives, and pass on to the next generation.

These experiences have enriched our lives in the most profound ways, by discovering new places, cultures, foods, and cementing our bond as a family.

To those of you who know me, I was privileged to live in different countries, and visit many more. These multi-faceted experiences have shaped my life and availed me to the exploration of different cultures and flavors, which I choose to share with our children.

Learning, discovering, and exploring is one of my greatest passions.

Today, as you are gathering to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones, I’d love to share with you the following:

1. An inspirational story of determination, perseverance, and recovery – a story of a beautiful and brilliant young ballerina, determined to get back on her toes after a serious and potentially career ending knee injury. While still recovering from her injuries, and to inspire others, Lexa founded and developed an outreach program for young children at a Tampa community center.


Lexa’s courage, dedicated work ethics, the unfettered support of her family, and her sheer determination, are finally paying off! Lexa has come a long way since her accident; and in addition to her tremendous progress and recovery, she was just accepted to Columbia University!

Congratulations Lexa, keep soaring and inspiring!

Please click on the link below to view Lexa’s story.


Video Link: https://youtu.be/v5hbsrm48IE


2. My multi-cultural experiences and the love for quality films, have led me to an exploration of foreign films from virtually every country on earth.

Today, I’d like to share some of the greatest and my most favorite foreign films. These exceptional award winning films will expose you to some of the most fascinating historical facts, figures, and stories of life and compassion from around the world.

No matter what language you speak, country you live in, or religion you choose to practice, we are all interconnected as one human race sharing our beautiful planet!

Films to Enjoy:
1. France -Marie’s Story
2. Korea – Silmido
3. Mongolia – The Story of the Weeping Camel

With that, I wish you all much:
Joy & Happiness,
Health, Healing, and Fitness
Harmony & Love,
Peace & Compassion, and
Hope & Inspiration!