3 Easy Steps To a Successful Waist Management Plan


Puzzles, yo-yo’s, and roller-coasters are exciting and fun; but not so much when it comes to managing our weight. Almost everyone has experienced the devastating effects, and the ups and downs involved in maintaining a healthy body weight.

We’ve all tried the latest fad diets, different workout routines, and experienced the confusion of the growing selection of over-hyped, over-promised, “magical” weight loss pills.

Everyone gets excited when they lose weight initially, only to get depressed as it comes right back. That kind of a roller-coaster ride becomes discouraging, demoralizing, and depressing.

During the busy holiday season, waist management is really put to the test. By following these 3 simple steps below, anyone can enjoy the season and win the battle of the bulge for good!image


Step One: Set Your Wellness Priorities:

The goal should not be just losing weight! The goal should be getting healthy and regaining your sense of well-being. To be your “Best Self” you need to reach your optimal state of health. This begins by providing the right nutrients for your body in order for it to thrive. The old adage: “you are what you eat” is true, as your overall health begins in your gut! Once you get your health back, the weight will take care of itself.

One major key element is food selection. Do your best to avoid all processed and pre-packaged foods. Instead, choose organic whole foods and prepare your holiday meals from scratch. Whole foods are the real foods – plant based ingredients: organic produce and ancient grains, will provide you with all of the nutritional ingredients that your body needs, without the harm caused by chemicals, antibiotics, carcinogens, and hormones found in most foods today.




Step Two:  Make a Sensible Plan for Sustainable Results:

Although weight gain can sometimes be caused by a complex medical problem, for most of us, losing weight with a sensible plan in place, can be relatively simple. In addition to making healthier nutritional choices, and electing nutrient-dense whole foods, the ancient formula of: “calories in vs. calories out,” still works wonders in the battle of the bulge.

Following this formula, in order to lose weight, one has to burn more calories than they consume. That means, a caloric deficit must be established by either eating less of the foods they were accustomed to eating, eating different kind of foods, or/and, exercising more.

For many, spending time at their local gym presents both a time commitment and a mental challenge. In addition, a reduced meal portion is often associated not only with hunger, but also psychological deprivation. I cannot force anyone to adopt better lifestyle habits, but I can certainly offer valuable and time-tested solutions.

Forget what the talking heads and movie stars tell you. Losing weight is not about living in the gym, or the latest fad diet, or any other temporary band aid solution.

No!!! Losing weight and keeping the pounds off for good requires a sensible plan in order to achieve sustainable results. That means changing your lifestyle – and that begins with changing the way you think.

A). Food as Fuel: Not all food is created equal! You don’t put low octane gas in a Porsche; so why are you putting low-nutrient, empty-calorie foods in your body?!? Eating healthy means eating smart. So if you are ready, make a commitment to yourself to persevere and succeed! First, stay away from sugar (yes, that includes alcohol), and avoid all foods that have been damaged with hormones, antibiotics, genetic modifications, and toxic chemicals. Another simple tip – read the labels! If you cannot pronounce it, don’t buy it! Think of whole foods as the primary ingredients – ax everything else that contains additives, preservatives, and toxic chemicals which will harm your state of wellness. Eating nutrient dense foods will not only be easier on your wallet, but will also save you hundreds of calories per day, and will substantially enhance your health and well-being. Stay way from all processed and pre-packaged food items. Make a commitment to eating GMO-free, organic, whole foods from the produce section at the store (remember, these are the ingredients, not ready made, pre-packaged, processed versions of food). Yes, they cost a little more, but in the long run, plant-based whole foods will accelerate your state of health and save you a fortune on medical bills!




B). Move more!!! Yes, I know, you don’t have the time to exercise, you have a busy life, and even worse, you simply hate it. However, when you get to a point when your life is no longer fun because you’re sick and tired all the time, proper exercise will turbocharge your health recovery plan like nothing else. Getting into your optimal shape is the key to enjoying a long and healthy life with your loved ones! Choose a physical activity that you can enjoy. Have your friends and family join you for a walk, a run, a bike ride, or a dance. Maybe you like skiing, paddle boarding, tennis, of golf. It doesn’t matter which activity you choose, as long as you… Just Move It!!!



Step Three: Mealtime Portion Control:

Portion Control, Not Self Control: Unfortunately, our society is all about “super-sizing” everything. But that often translates into a super-sized gut. Portion control is the key to controlling weight. In the past, forgoing that super-sized meal meant feeling the associated hunger and deprivation. Mustering up enough willpower to eat less at every meal – day in and day out is practically impossible when you’re hungry. It violates our survival instincts and goes against our very nature.


A recent European portion-control, hunger-management, weight-loss study, has confirmed the earlier findings of a breakthrough technology called PREE, and is providing new found hope, as well as a fresh and sustainable waist-management approach for millions of people world wide.

In an 8-week, randomized, prospective, placebo-controlled, double-blind study, conducted by researchers at the University or Merida (Spain), 126 subjects were randomized into 63 Placebo and 63 Treatment (PREE) Groups. All 63 subjects that took PREE lost weight, losing an average of 13.5 pounds compared to the Placebo group that gained weight. These results were highly statistically significant as well as clinically relevant. No significant side effects occurred with any subjects in the PREE Group, and only a 0.4% incidence of very minor side effects like burping were reported.
PREE users reported that they were delighted with their results and wanted to continue to use PREE until they had reached their idea weight objective.

PREE is a breakthrough technology that has been on the US market since 2008. It is a highly effective tool for millions of overweight and obese Americans who suffer from weight-related chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, age related macular degeneration, depression, and more.

America now leads the world in weight-related illnesses. Many other countries that have adopted our Western diet are now sadly following our example. Obesity is now an international problem. The American diet, and the industries which ruthlessly profit from it, are the truly guilty parties behind this global pandemic. These industries spend tens of billions of dollars every year conning us into eating their “food-like” products that they pass off as real food. These simulated food products which admittedly taste good, are highly addictive, disrupt our delicate endocrine balance, are toxic, and they are designed to fatten us up! Thanks to the American Diet, we are now the most overweight and sickest nation in the western world.

PREE is the first and only ingestible, 100% bio-inert (non-absorbable), dietary supplement in the world, which is so safe and effective that it has been approved as a Class IIA Medical Device in several countries. A series of multi-national clinical studies support its use as an effective waist management tool with consistent and compelling data like that presented in the most recent study in Spain.

This patented, novel and innovative portion control tool is the first of its kind – a true category creator in and of itself. Unlike many fad “magic miracle pills,” fat blockers, stimulants, or an appetite suppressants; PREE provides sustainable results, and does not cause unpleasant side effects, or require the expense or dangers associated with invasive surgical procedures.

This breakthrough technology has been shown to be effective in over 95% of the general population. It works slowly, relentlessly and progressively to help people lose weight in a natural way that is comfortable, steady, and provides lasting results.

Mechanism of Action:

Each PREE capsule contains thousands of tiny micro-beads that quickly expand over 500 times their weight in water. There is no other weight loss aid similar to it.
However, like with anything else, achieving your ideal weight requires commitment and adherence to your plan.

For optimal success, PREE requires strict compliance with two main factors:

A. Timing – Since PREE is a temporary gastric bulking agent, timing is of the essence. PREE capsules must be taken 30-45 minutes BEFORE eating, in order to allow enough time for its optimal micro-bead expansion in the stomach.

B . Activation – In addition, PREE can only be activated by an adequate amount of free water. This means, that two PREE capsules must be taken with about 16 ounces of water in order to allow the micro-beads to achieve their maximum expansion level.

By taking 2 capsules with 16 ounces of water, 30 to 45 minutes prior to meal time, PREE pre-fills the stomach in order to decrease mealtime appetite and reduce caloric intake. As your portions shrink – so will your waistline.

Multiple clinical studies have demonstrated that PREE promotes an average weight loss of 7 to 8 pounds per month; portion size reduction of 35-50% per meal (saves money, PREE more than pays for itself in reduced grocery bills), along with significant reductions in both Body Mass Index and waist circumference.

All of these results were achieved without incorporating any restrictive diets, lifestyle modifications, or exercise programs. One key component of PREE’s success is that it effectively reduces the associated feelings of hunger and deprivation that are so common in most weight loss programs!

In summary, PREE is a highly effective weight loss supplement that has been clinically-tested in numerous studies world-wide. It is physician-recommended and can help the average person lose 14 to 16 pounds in just 8 weeks; naturally, without uncomfortable side effects. PREE pays for itself, so you have noting to lose but those unwanted inches.


With a sensible and sustainable wellness plan, your holiday season celebrations will help kick start the new and a healthier you!

Happy, Healthy, Delicious, and Nutritious Holidays!