Don’t Fall Apart, rather, Fall Into Place!


Are you suffering from back pain, or sciatica?
Did you have a shoulder or a knee injury and just completed your physical therapy, but are not back to where you were before your injury?

Post Rehabilitative Functional Fitness Training can help!

The most common denominator among most of our clients is the fact that, after their discharge from the care of their medical providers or physiotherapists, they are still not ready to resume their regular daily functions, or engage in their favorite athletic activities.

Traditional Physical Therapy can only take you so far.

Most people have some kind of structural or musculo-skeletal imbalance, not everyone is symptomatic. Rather, the ones who hurt the most, are those who have the lowest level of mobility, stability, and tissue quality. They are in pain because they simply don’t move well, correctly, or regularly enough.

This fact alone is often the root cause of many common injuries. By combining a comprehensive approach of impact-free, restorative exercise routines, with a more traditional strength and conditioning programs, our Post Rehabilitation Training Program bridges the gap between traditional rehabilitation and a successful return to daily functions, weekend play, and even to professional-level athletics.

Wellosophy 360 Post Rehab Protocol:
• Assessment and review of the client’s current injuries and abilities.
• Communication with members of the client’s healthcare providers’ team.
• Progressive training of the injured area.
• Integration with complete strength & conditioning of non-injured areas.
• Teaching in-studio and at home: Range of motion, flexibility, strength, endurance, power, stability, balance, coordination, and functional training specific to the client’s objectives designed to provide a clear path to a successful return to their pre-injury activities.
• Teaching prevention strategies to avoid future injury.