Be Grateful and Hear The Music, Listen to The Waves, and Savor Every Moment!!!

We are so fortunate to live on this beautiful Paradise Island – Clearwater Beach, Florida- where incredible international and world class events take place regularly!

This week, it is the Clearwater Jazz Festival, which featured amongst others, the timeless Gladys Knight, who interestingly shares my birthday! Thanks to my Wellosophy 360 Clinic clients, friends, and the Clearwater Jazz Festival board members, we were able to experience this magnificent event from the VIP lounge. Decorated to the gills, situated on the water, surrounded by mega yachts, while indulging in festive delicacies, and drinks, the night, and the Knight, was certainly an affair to remember!
Thank you to the Sigals, and the great company of Dr. Linda McClintock, and her husband, the former mayor of Tampa -Dick Greco!



The World is as Beautiful as Your Attitude!