Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, Cancer …is it Genetics….or Epi-Genetics?!?

Years ago we believed that if we were afflicted with a debilitating disease it was the luck of our genetic draw. However, in the recent years hundreds of scientific studies published findings that negate these outdated, preconceived notions. Just because our parents suffered from Alzheimer’s, cancer, or other chronic condition, no longer means that we are doomed to experience the same disease. The answers can be found through the analysis and comparisons of Nature – our DNA, vs, Nurture – our chosen lifestyle. Epi-Genetics has now proved that by adopting a healthier lifestyle, we can manipulate our genes to act differently than they were directed to perform at birth, or more accurately at the time of conception.

Although the strength of our innate immune system is somewhat predetermined by our parents’ immune system at the time of conception, it is now widely known that we can either weaken or build up our immune system our daily choices. Lifestyle choices often translate into what we eat, drink, and what we do with our bodies on a regular basis; things like regular exercise and quality sleep.

We all have heard the old saying, “you are what you eat”, and in our age of the toxic technology this old proverb has hit home harder than ever!

Although in our Wellosophy 360 clinic I regularly train, consult, and help many people, today, I’d like to share with you two powerful stories of success, which can encourage and empower all of us to implement healthy choices into our lives and thrive!


A few years ago Fabricio, who had enjoyed a care free, gastronomically indulgent, nicotine laden, and sedentary lifestyle, was diagnosed with obesity, diabetes, arthritis, bad knees, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and depression, to name a few. Close to 300 lbs., both his weight and his health were spiraling out of control. And while his girth was steadily expanding, his physicians were eager to expand his long list of medications, and even increase his doses with every visit. When Fabricio finally realized that the allopathic medicine approach of controlling the symptoms with chemicals was not going to extend his life, but rather shorten it by destroying his immune system, he made a personal commitment to reverse the damage by adopting a healthier lifestyle.



Watching his entire family being afflicted with the same maladies, and before reaching his 50th birthday, Fabricio decided to take his health into his own hands, rather than continuing the comfortable wild ride into a guaranteed abyss. Despite the negative feedback and the lack of support from his immediate family and friends, he opted to transition to a vegetarian, and later to a vegan lifestyle. He vowed to learn all that he could about healthy whole food choices, and commit to a regular daily exercise routine.

Within a year, through his unfettered commitment and sheer determination, he successfully lost all of his excessive weight, rid himself of diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and his cholesterol. Now, only two and a half years later, Fabricio continues to work out daily, enjoys every moment of his high energy life, has a positive outlook on life, and is now free of any aches or pains, and most importantly, he no longer takes any medications!

Furthermore, Fabricio has become a motivational speaker, an avid proponent of plant-based diet, and animal rights advocate!

Dr. R. C. Davis

As a self-proclaimed “health nut”, healthy lifestyle advocate and activist, it is rather difficult when the evil that you fight each day, hits home. And this time, it hit it harder than ever, when my better half, my best friend, my “Rock”, who has never been sick a day in his life, was diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol, and stage 4 colorectal cancer. As an accomplished physician, and a member of the “club” himself, he knew all too well, the dirty little secrets of the Big Pharma mafia, and he simply refused to play the game!

According to many recent studies, close to 90% of all oncologists surveyed agreed that if they, or their family members, were diagnosed with cancer, they will not subject them, or themselves, to the often fatal side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Nevertheless, they relentlessly continue to prescribe these archaic toxic treatments to their patients, knowing full well that they do not kill cancer, but rather they kill the patient’s immune system, which is the only thing that can successfully combat cancer in the first place!

In order to understand what “lies beneath” and find the answers, all one has to do, is follow the money trail… Sadly, Big Pharma does not value human lives as much as they are concerned with profits, and profits only!

To validate this this statement, I will share with you our personal journey where we didn’t just fight cancer, but fought the establishment as well!

As a former military person, and an attorney by training, when my family is threatened, I go to war; and this was a full-fledged war, fought simultaneously on two fronts!

My husband, a former dual-designated US Naval flight surgeon, who trained with the Seals, and flew jets with the Blue Angels, was quick to adapt. Although we were caught off guard, we quickly mobilized all the resources we had, our knowledge and experience, and got ready for the battles!

Our first objective was the find an effective treatment that could cure and heal my husband. The second one was to fight the 500 lb. gorilla – the medical establishment, and last, but not least, we were committed to educate those who were willing to listen and learn.

Under the circumstances, my classically trained scientist and physician husband, was ready to fully immerse himself in discovering and spreading the truth.

He made a commitment to no longer burn the candle on both ends, and get a solid eight hours of sleep per night, cleanse, and detox his body, while focusing on rebuilding and maximizing his immune system in every possible way, which included daily intravenous hyper nutrition, a strictly organic, non-GMO, sugar and gluten-free, vegan diet, regular Infrared sauna, and regular Functional Fitness workouts.

In addition, we have included treatments of essential oils, CBD oil, daily Rife machine sessions, sunshine therapy, filtered water, organic personal hygiene, digestive enzymes, ozone therapy, mitochondrial enhancers, and other immune boosting supplements.

After only five months of our elected holistic approach, his strong body and robust immune system was ready for battle! He had to undergo a life threatening and challenging 10 hour operation to remove the tumor that was blocking his rectum, a lengthy hospital stay, and a very slow and often discouraging recovery and rehabilitation which included a secondary surgery and rehabilitative process.

Throughout this nightmare, his physicians repeatedly insisted to subject him to chemotherapy and radiation, and our insurance company persistently refused to approve even the most fundamental diagnostic tests. In fact, because if it, he was initially misdiagnosed twice, and even after we paid tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket, to cover all these treatments and diagnostic expenses, his oncologists refused to embrace, let alone, acknowledge his amazing recovery that they could not explain.

In a nut shell, even after reaching the office of Julie B. Kessel, MD, Cigna’s Senior Medical Director for Coverage Policy, and discussing their policy, as a peer to peer, with their top Oncologist, they refused to approve our request for a much needed PET scan to verify that he was disease free.

Furthermore, after sending his biopsy to the only laboratory in the world which was able to grow his cancer cells in order to determine which treatment it was going to respond to, and despite the fact that it clearly demonstrated that his cancer was not responsive to chemotherapy, his team of leading oncologists insisted that he should proceed with these treatments anyway.

Finally, after eleven months of a lengthy and gruesome battle, we had conquered the beast. His latest series of self-paid diagnostic tests, have left his leading surgeons and oncologists with their mouths wide open, and without any answers.

He was and is no longer taking any medications, his diabetes is now gone, his cholesterol has plummeted by 100 points, his body healed without any scarring, and he is now cancer free!

When he asked his well-known and highly respected cancer surgeon if he had ever seen anything like it, he shook his head and said no. My husband proceeded to state: “you realize that my progress was a result of my robust immune system, my vegan lifestyle, and the fact that I did not subject myself to radiation and chemotherapy which would have ravaged and destroyed my body”. This comment was met with complete silence. He then proceeded to ask, “Would you mind sharing my results with your colleges and other patients in order to educate them about alternative treatments that are available to them, and the answer was loud, clear; a single worded – “no”!

Since then, Dr. Davis was invited to be a guest speaker at the 2015 international conference of alternative oncologists where he received a standing ovation, and has been asked to present at a Ted Talk.

Once again, the dirty secret is that epi-genetics can win, and frequently does win out, over a strong genetic predisposition to developing cancer.

Knowledge is power, and what you learn, cannot be unlearned. I believe in paying it forward, and this was the premise for opening Wellosophy 360 Clinic, where we teach and practice a holistic approach to life, health, and fitness!

Live Wellosophy, and Thrive!