As many of you know I am an ardent advocate of healthy lifestyle, and Functional Fitness training – FFT.

People are often puzzled and rather intrigued by the latter two words, but honestly, it is the most important and balanced approach to fitness that is not only capable of rehabilitating some of the most complex injuries, and freeing one from chronic pain, but is also the only fitness modality which can condition and program the body to function as nature intended.

FFT approach focuses on the integration of all muscle groups to work in a balanced and cohesive manner, in order to prevent musculoskeletal imbalances and common injuries. FFT focuses on lengthening all muscles, tendons, and ligaments, breaking the micro adhesions within the facia, and strengthening and protecting our powerhouse – the spine. In addition, FFT optimizes the articulation of all major joints in order maximize range of motion, and overcome mobility limitations.

As a result, it is a critical approach for any dedicated athlete who is serious about improving their athletic performance.

So whether you are a Dancer, Golfer, a Tennis, Football, or Baseball player, you know what it means to be “stuck in a rut”. The problem is not in your step, swing, or throw, but rather in the way your muscle groups communicate with each other.

In order to maximize your athletic performance, you must first understand the nature of your limitations. Many active adults and fitness enthusiasts resort to the conventional methods of weight training in order to overcome their limitations, but rarely that provides the type of improvement that they are seeking.

Wellosophy 360 specializes in a one of a kind FFT methodology – BodyWorx360 – Which utilizes the most innovative equipment designed to promote bio-mechanically correct movement, while avoiding potentially harmful impact leading to injury.

However, there are other types of FFT training which one should consider incorporating into their fitness routine. One excellent example is Stand Up Paddle Boarding – SUP.

I am an avid SUPlicant, and I often teach and train others to participate in this total mind, body, and soul form of exercise.

SUP is an ancient form of sport, which utilizes every muscle group to work in concert, while also developing a sense of balance and coordination.

I often get stopped as I pull out my board onto the shore, as so many people are intrigued by the sport itself, and fascinated with the notion of a petite person like me on a 13 foot board.

I have been privileged to regularly engage in this total body workout as I live on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Clearwater Beach, Florida. I have taken many novices out on SUP tours, and successfully have infected them with the SUP bug!

Being on the water is truly transformational in and of itself, but doing it while you are also optimizing your physical and mental state, is a true winner all around!

Thus, if you live by, or visit, a body of water, I strongly encourage you to explore this magnificent sport. However, please do keep in mind ….it is addictive!!!