Mind Games, or The Power of Mind Over Body?!?

Recently I’ve had the privilege working with a stroke patient client which enriched my life in a way I had never imagined was possible. Cindy insisted that I not only use her real name, but share her progress with every person who had ever experienced brain trauma, or battled any other devastating mobility challenges.

Thus, whether you are suffering from a debilitating back pain, frozen shoulder, or you might be a stroke patient, a veteran who might be experiencing PTSD, or simply are challenged by other mobility related conditions, this story is a true inspiration to all of us!

I started this business for only one reason, and that is to help others achieve their optimal health potential.  Movement is everything, and without it, there is simply no quality of life.  BodyWorks36o Functional Fitness movement methodology has changed my life, and I wanted to share it with others by paying it forward.  If you are interested in learning more about my personal journey, please visit our website and read the Founder’s Story. However, this is not about me, this is Cindy’s story.

Several days ago it was an unusual rainy, foggy, and, dreary day on Clearwater Beach, but Cindy had brought the sunshine into our clinic. Cindy has been one of the brightest and most rewarding experiences in my life!
After being diagnosed with a brain tumor over 10 years ago, undergoing multiple surgeries, and sustaining a double stroke as a result of it, Cindy suffered a debilitating hemiparesis, and dysphasia. Hemiparesis left Cindy paralyzed on the right side of her body, and the dysphasia robbed her ability to communicate with the world. Cindy was unable to speak, read or write, and had to undergo extensive rehabilitative therapy to restore some of these basic functions. After 10 years of rehab which only partially restored her speech, I have been privileged to work with her, and accomplish monumental results in a very brief period time!

Brain injuries are very challenging to treat as you never know which approach might be of help restoring basic functions. However one thing I know….and that is that we don’t know it all, and sometimes the most astonishing results come from very unconventional, unorthodox and outside the box, methods. I was ready for the challenge as I was committed to enhancing Cindy’s quality of life by tricking her left side of the brain into overcompensating the right side’s weaknesses. After a brief introductory session, Cindy quickly became comfortable with me as I was able to “read” her without much verbal communication. Little by little she was able to relax and her speech became more fluid and unrestricted. She trusted me and that was the essence of our relationship as she was willing to let me take her on this new path to self discovery.
With the help of her positive thinking, trust, enthusiasm, various vibrational therapies, deep stretching techniques, and some simple “brain tricks” , Cindy has been able to regain some of the feeling in her hand, arm, leg, and foot. Despite her issues with balance she is now able to successfully use the ski simulator, and the propeller. Her gate, and ability to lift her foot off the ground has improved tremendously, and so is the control of her hand, arm, and shoulder’s range of motion. Furthermore, after 10 years of not being able to hold a ball, she is now able not only to hold it, but also to catch it with both hands. In addition, she is now able to hold a water bottle, and lift her arm above her shoulder level in order to drink from it!
These milestone accomplishments did not only improve Cindy’s quality of life, but also have proved to be one of the most enriching experiences for me as well.

Please share her inspirational story with others who may benefit from it.

Cheers to Cindy for her courage, determination, and joie de vivre!

Please watch her progress in the following videos:


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