Help, My Back Hurts!

Chronic back and joint pain affect millions of Americans every day.  The vertebral column lacks a high degree of bony stability and relies to a great extent on ligaments and muscles to support it.  When the supporting muscles and ligaments become weakened or stretched, the integrity of the spinal column is compromised, and the vertebrae must absorb the direct axial forces.  This may lead to vertebral disc damage, especially during high impact activities.

The ligaments help hold the vertebral column together, but continued reliance upon them, in the presence of weakened muscles, or muscular imbalances, can result in excessive stretching of the ligaments and tendons, which becomes permanent.

Spinal column laxity can result in postural changes that may lead to chronic back pain as well.  Unfortunately, the more traditional routines like Yoga, Pilates and other linear movement exercises combine static and passive stretching which do not simulate real life functions, and can accelerate misalignment, worsen chronic pain, and even require surgical intervention.

Our bodies are like top of the line, well-engineered machines.  When optimal performance is desired, it is essential to maximize the alignment, strength and range of motion of our body, which is best accomplished with a functional exercise methodology.  This form of movement training promotes muscular balance and supports the core musculature, spinal column flexibility and maximizes the fluidic movement of all major joints.

If you want better results from your exercise routines, why not try an entirely new approach to comprehensive biomechanical wellness.

Wellosophy 360 Studio is dedicated to helping each client develop a synergistic and complementary approach to wellness through alternative natural therapies and a sensible balanced exercise program.