What is Your Machine Worth?!?

!cid_B69B2200-DF69-4F9C-AE6E-C49AED527A7DThe human body is analogous to an intricate machine.  When the machine is properly aligned and calibrated, all parts work in efficiently and in synergy.  The way we carry ourselves will determine the rate of depreciation of our most prized equipment.
Good posture does not only make you look good, appear leaner and taller, but it is also responsible for injuries prevention, not to mention it reduces pain, and enhances the overall “feel good” effect.
Because of its many benefits, such as ease of movement, better balance of muscle strength and flexibility, proper positioning of the spine, and proper functioning of the internal organs, your body “feels good”, and in turn, you feel good.
Posture is dynamic.  Good posture is relatively easy to attain, and maintain.  Part of it is learning new habits of sitting, standing, and walking.  However, the major factor is strengthening the key muscles which hold you in the proper posture.
Most people have some alignment deviations.  As a result, the body does not work at maximum efficiency.
A well aligned and maintained machine will last much longer than the one that is not.  In a misaligned machine, the wear and tear on the bearings increases, and stress and strain on working parts produce premature general depreciation.
Since our bodies are like top of the line, well engineered machines, when optimal performance is desired, it is essential to pay attention to the alignment of our body parts.  The balance of all muscles acting on any joint, or body part, affects proper maintenance of alignment.  Faulty posture indicates a shift of a body segment in relation to other segments.
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