Is your New Year’s Resolution to start a new Diet?!?!?

ScaleForget about it!!!

That’s right!!! You heard me right. Say NO to diets!!!!

Most diet plans do not work in the long term as they are typically synonymous to a temporary measure. People tend to start a new diet plan with great enthusiasm, but after several weeks of depravation associated with the new plan, they fall off the caloric wagon, and continue on the wild roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

Successful weight loss without relapse is achieved by an adoption of a healthy lifestyle, without hunger, or the the psychological depravation which most dieters experience.

So what are you to do!?!?!

It is rather simple so please don’t get discouraged as Rome was not built in a day. Follow these simple steps and you will prevail!

The minute you realize that losing and maintaining an ideal wight is not a rocket science, but rather an easy old fashion portion control formula of “calories in=calories out” you will be at a better place to begin your life’s journey to your optimal health and vitality.
Easier said than done, you are thinking while reading these lines. However, it is not! I have helped thousands of people to achieve their healthy body weight and without any medical interventions!

Your overall health begins in your gut, as you are what you eat!
Your soul is your light, and your body is your temple! You wouldn’t fill your highly revered luxury car with less than optimal fuel, so why would you do it to your body!!?!?

Your body deserves the best and the purest form of energy and nutrition, and in the correct amounts. If you exceed those amounts of “calories in” by filling up on junk food or eating to excess, both your waist line and your overall health will suffer.

Perfect weight is not a matter of vanity, but rather an essential factor to your well being, vitality, and joie de vivre!

Knowledge is power, and you can start by learning about the food you eat, the benefits your body reaps from a well balanced nutritional meal, and develop a sensible approach to a comprehensive long term exercise routine.

To give you a kick start and a helpful meal portion control tool, please remember, a 13″ over-sized plate heaped with empty calorie foods, is not what your body needs. The minute you enrich yourself with knowledge, you will no longer feel deprived, but rather empowered to make the best choices for you and your family.

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