This is the year you’re going to crush your resolutions

!cid_32C2F7C7-039D-46A7-BCFC-987885DC701AYou’re going to join new social groups and make new friends, cut back on unhealthy foods, and …..exercise five days a week!

You’re going to feel motivated the whole time, so it will be simple. It’s just a matter of adhering to your mission. Mind over matter. Right?


Around 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, according to a University of Scranton survey published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, and yet just 8 percent achieve them.

The first two weeks of the year are the easiest to stay committed, with 75 percent of people maintaining their resolution through the first week and 71 percent through the second.

But after that, their commitment starts to taper off. By February, only 64 percent of people are still sticking to the goals they set out to achieve. Six months into the year, that number drops to less than half.

The problem? It takes 66 days on average to form a habit, let alone achieve a goal. By bailing after week two, resolvers aren’t giving themselves adequate time to integrate their new behavior into their routine.

So this year, don’t make resolutions —  but rather make a commitment to yourself to develop and adhere to a manageable healthy lifestyle!  These can be very easy to follow daily habits, like sampling new healthy receipts, learning how to shop for healthy food choices, or longer-term goals, like following an exercise routine which you can actually enjoy!

You ARE what you eat, and your body IS your temple! Treat it with respect and you will flourish!

By focusing on habits, you will adopt simple, sustainable behaviors that will put you on the path to achieving bigger and better goals in 2015 and beyond.

Remember …Just Move It